By Hook or by Crook . . .

On her blog The First Two Pages, B. K. Stevens is engaging other writers on the perennial challenge of “capturing the reader’s attention.” It’s a topic of particular concern for the short story writer, who in the briefest of spans must convince the reader that what follows is new and fresh. AHMM readers will see some familiar contributors there, including Robert Mangeot, who analyzes the opening of his story “Two Bad Hamiltons and a Hirsuit Jackson” which was published in our May 2015 issue.

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  1. Thanks for alerting people to The First Two Pages blog. I thought it would be interesting to have a blog where writers can share ideas about how they’ve handled those crucial opening pages, and where readers can see just how hard we struggle to try to get them interested. Several AHMM authors have contributed posts already, including Terrie Moran and John Floyd; Rob Lopresti is writing the August 18 post. I’d love to have more AHMM authors participate, and to hear from more AHMM readers.

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