A Gentleman and a Scholar

I was delighted to learn recently of the publication of Mysteries Unlocked: Essays in Honor of Douglas G. Greene, edited by Curtis Evans. It collects 24 original essays (and reprints two classics) in honor of the 70th birthday of mystery scholar and publisher Doug Greene.Mysteries Unlocked Cover

A retired professor of history at Old Dominion University, Doug is a great scholar of the genre and the founder and publisher of Crippen & Landru. So far, I have only dipped into this fascinating festschrift, but I have already enjoyed reading about Doug’s passion for John Dickson Carr (whose biography he wrote), the numerous volumes he has edited, and the many friends and colleagues he has assisted with his incredible knowledge of the field. In particular, Doug hasbeen a tireless and effective advocate for the mystery short story; Crippen & Landru specializes in story collections, and its Lost Classics series has returned many deserving but forgotten authors to print.

In person, Doug is as genial and generous as he is learned, and he has been a dear friend to me and Janet Hutchings at EQMM. Over the years he’s offered invaluable assistance to me with AHMM’s own Mystery Classic feature. As Michael Dirda, one of the contributors to this volume says, “[Doug Greene] is one of those key figures that emerge periodically in genre literature.”

Other contributors include John Curran, Steve Steinbock, Peter Lovesy, and more. If you love Golden Age detective fiction, this is a book for you. If you enjoy reading essays by people writing about literature they love, this is a book for you.

Mysteries Unlocked was a brilliant way to say Happy Birthday to a friend.


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3 responses to “A Gentleman and a Scholar

  1. A book which couldn’t’ve happened to a nicer fellow!

    I have a query for you, Ms. Landrigan–was there a shortlived Indian edition of AHMM in recent times? I suspect SS was seeing the US edition, perhaps briefly imported by an Indian distributor, but wonder if you know more…thanks…

    A mail message I’ve received:

    I remember seeing a copy of the Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine in a railway book stall. I vaguely remember that this magazine was published in India in the late 80s and then abruptly stopped. Despite trawling the Net and writing (e-mail) to the Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine on this particular issue , I have got no answers. Can you please clear the air?
    Sorry for the inconvenience caused .
    Sumal Surendranath

  2. Sir,
    5 issues of Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine was indeed published in India between 1991-1993.


  3. Sumal Surendranath

    5 issues of Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine were indeed published between 1991-1993 as you can find from the link below.

    Sumal S

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